Minutes 13th November 2018

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 13th November 2018 7.30pm at Bromsberrow Village Hall

Present:  Cllrs. N Terry, J Stephens, D Hunter and one member of the public

1.         Election of Chairperson for the meeting.

             Cllr. N Terry agreed to chair the meeting.

2.         Apologies for absence.

            There were no apologies.

3.         Declarations of Interest.

            There were no declarations required.

4.        Public Participation.

The member of the public spoke about the Cheltenham Motor Club rally to take place next September in this area.

5.         To approve the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 31st July 2018.

            These were approved and signed as a correct record.

6.         Highways

            (a) Cllr. Hunter reported that the holes at the end of Beach Lane have now been repaired but the flooding in Albright lane has not been addressed despite reporting both issues to the Highways department.

(b) Cllr. Terry reported that more people have complained about the difficulty of joining Beach Lane from Bell Lane by Bromseberrow Sand and Gravel due to the condition of the road and the lack of visibility from the left. 

It was agreed to write to the Highways department highlighting the problem.

7.         War memorial

            It was agreed to purchase 10 x 5 litres of water sealant for the War Memorial at a cost of £216.48.  As a result of a member of the public reading the agenda on the notice board, a further offer of 5 x 5 litres was accepted for £50. This means that the War Memorial will be protected from the weather for up to 5 years.

8.         Website

            The promised training is not going to take place, so it was agreed to use the webmaster to update the website.  This would incur a charge of £30.

9.         Defibrillators

            It was agreed to authorise a future payment for the replacement of the defibrillator batteries in the event of a failure.

10.       Speed cameras

            The grant that was awarded in early March has now expired. It was agreed to defer the purchase until after next May.

11.       To report on the Remembrance Day service.

            Up to ninety people attended the service at the Church and the War Memorial. A wreath was laid for each of the seven names of the First World War servicemen who died, by a relative.  A further two wreaths were laid by two pupils from Bromesberrow St Mary’s Primary School and the remaining three wreaths by members of the community. There was a peal of bells before and after the Church service and the beginning and end of the two minutes silence was marked by the playing of a trumpet. Cllr. Stephens was thanked for all his hard work in organising Bromesberrow’s commemoration of the Centenary.

12.       Financial items

            12.1 To approve and adopt the summary of receipts and payments

                        The Bank reconciliation statement was confirmed as correct with the Bank statement, approved and signed.

            12.2 To consider and approve invoices for payment. The payments below were approved and cheques signed where appropriate

Invoices paid since last meeting requiring approval
Payee   Amount Cheque
Maintenance (Bus Shelter) Paid 150.00 22216
Auditor Paid 50.00 22217
Invoices to be paid at current meeting requiring approval
Payee   Amount Cheque
Sound equipment (Remembrance Day) To pay 65.00 22218
Maintenance (Grass cutting till 16 Sept) To pay 260.00 22219
Donations (Remembrance Day) To pay 250.00 22220
Maintenance (War Memorial) To pay 216.48 22221
Poo bags (On order) To pay 75.96 22222
Website To pay TBC 22223
Maintenance (War Memorial) To pay 50.00 22224
Defibrillator batteries (replacement due) To pay c 800.00 22225
Maintenance (Grass cutting from 16 Sept) To pay TBC 22226

     12.3 To consider the budget for 2019/2020.

Due to the Council holding a substantial sum of money, it was agreed to set a zero budget for 2019/2020.

13.       Matters to be raised for next meeting.

            There were no items at the present time.       

14.       Date of next meeting

            To be decided.