Minutes 26th November 2019


PRESENT: Cllr John Stephens, Cllr Lesley Preston (part), Cllr Glenis Coates, Cllr David Hunter, Cllr Philip Burford, Cllr Graham Warren (part – coopted)

Also Present: Three Members of the public,
Mrs Ruth Warne, Acting Clerk

32.1 Received from Cllr Gill Moseley and Cllr Will Windsor-Clive (County Cllr)
It was reported that Cllr Moseley wishes to resign from the Council, which resignation was duly accepted.
33.1 Penny Cook advised that she set up the Community Speedwatch group and asked Members for a progress report on the proposal for a VAS system. She will try to get the group involved in moving the signs and charging the batteries. She wants to be sure that the right sign is purchased (ie, one similar to what Staunton have) and expressed a preference for a battery powered system, rather than solar powered.
There was brief discussion, and Ms Cook offered to make up a rota for charging the batteries, but did not want to actually move the sign.
The data needs to be downloaded to a laptop periodically. A Member advised that all the Members should be involved. It was agreed that the training be undertaken by Members and Ms Cook, as well as other Speedwatch members and that it not be held on a working day.
33.2 A Resident, Mr Graham Watson, advised that he has a current planning application.
[Meeting closed to public participation] 34 TO RECEIVE RESIGNATION OF MEMBER
34.1 Cllr Julia Gooch has emailed her resignation, which was duly accepted.
Cllr Burford urged that more Bromsberrow residents become councillors in which case more District Councillors will step down.
35.1 Cllr Burford advised thatthe District Council has a medium term financial deficit. There is a proposal to borrow a substantial amount of money, which will be used to invest in commercial activity, and will generate income.
36.1 County Cllr not present, no report received.
37.1 Cllr Philip Burford (District Cllr, Chairman of Planning Cttee) – Minute 39.1 (did not participate)
38.1 The Minutes were confirmed as a true record.
38.2 Minute 27.1 It was noted that although correctly minuted, there are in fact 30 mph speed limits in the village.
39.1 New Applications
Bromsberrow Heath Business Park, Bromsberrow Heath, HR8 1PG – Demolition of a shed/outbuilding and erection of x2 light industrial units, subdivision of existing industrial unit to create two separate industrial units and siting of x5 covered storage units all with associated parking and works (forwarded to Members, no comments received, is still pending consideration). No objection (Cllr Burford did not participate.).
4 Woodend Street, Bromsberrow Heath – Erection of a single storey extension and workshop. Demolition of existing conservatoryand store. No objection.
39.2 Correspondence

To Note (all forwarded to Members):-
FoDDC – Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation
Worcs County Council – Publication of Management Plan for Malvern Hills AONB
South Worcs Development Plan

39.3 Appeal
The Old Rectory, Albright Lane, Bromsberrow – Change of use from agricultural land to residential curtilage and erection of a new standalone parking shelter with integral workshop and gym. The application had been refused by the District Council, and the appeal will be determined on the basis of Written Representations. The Council can make representations to the Planning Inspectorate if it wishes.
Cllr Burford explained aspects of the planning process including that there are 3 ways of appealing:- written representations, full blown inquiry, informal hearing.
40.1 Approval of payments

Invoices paid since last meeting, to approve
Payee Date Total Chq No
Maintenance 18 October 675.00 22237
RBL 5 November 50.00 22240
Invoices to be approved at current meeting
Remembrance exp 26 November 60.00 22241
Salary & expenses 26 November 184.95 22242
P Cook 26 November 47.97 22243

It was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED – that the payments as listed above be approved.
It was stated that Cllr Stephens has the receipt for remembrance expenses; the grass payment was authorised at a previous meeting; Cllr Preston will give the invoice to Cllr Hunter for the stickers.
Cllr Hunter presented the bank reconciliation and advised that funds as reconciled to the bank statement stand at £9153.35. It was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED – that the statement of receipts, payments and bank reconciliation be accepted.
The cost for training so that the Clerk can maintain the website is £70. The training can be done at home which will save on mileage. It was agreed that whoever takes on the Clerk’s job should do the training. A Member asked that the Council’s website be redesigned, and pointed to Kempley PC’s website as a good example to follow. It was suggested that the website include contact details for the Clerk, plus names of Members but not their addresses or phone numbers. The webmaster is to be asked to adjust settings so that the Council’s website comes up high in priority on searches.
40.2 To prepare Draft Revenue Estimates for 2020/21 (Appendix A).
The DREs were discussed. It was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED – that the Precept for 2020/21 be set at £7440.
A Member asked if the Council should provide a dog bin, and suggested it be on the main road or at the village hall. Cllr Burford offered to find out about the District’s policy on emptying bins, and whether dog waste can be put in an ordinary bin.
41.1 To review quotations for Vehicle Activated Sign and make arrangements for moving sign following installation.
The County will install the posts. A plan was tabled of the post locations, and it was agreed that one location needs to be amended, to put the post on the other side of the road.
There are 2 quotations: one for a battery powered sign and one for a solar powered sign. It was agreed that the battery powered sign ispreferred, for greater reliability of operation. It was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED – that a battery operated Vehicle Activated Sign be purchased from SWARCO at a total cost of £3627.55 including fixings and additional batteries.
The Clerk will complete the VAS legal agreement provided by the County.
41.2 The Local Highways Manager has 12 “Check your Speed 30” stickers available if the Council wants them. It was agreed to have these, to be dropped off at Cllr Preston’s house.
It was agreed not to order any “20 is plenty” stickers at this time.
41.3 The Chairman has provided details of the snow plough operator to the Clerk.
42.1 The defibrillator is missing; efforts are being made to trace it.
[The meeting was opened to public participation to allow Mr Geoff Wheeler of Cheltenham Motor Club to address the Council.] 42.2 Mr Wheeler advised that he is pleased with the success of the car rally held this year. Another rally is planned for next year. A new law was passed in 2017 to allow public roads to be closed for motor sports events. For this year’s rally the Club tried to find a route that affects as few residents as possible; they intend to change the route for 2020. Residents will be given advance notification in April and a handbook 2 weeks before the event; the Council will be advised of the route 2 weeks in advance.
The Club has also been invited to participate in a top motor sport rally and have a TV deal agreed for next year. They are starting a community support fund to give monies for projects to parishes which have welcomed them.
As regards the 2020 rally in Bromsberrow, the green triangle on which the War Memorial stands will be protected with straw bales.
In early to mid Jan Motor Sport UK will contact the Council as part of their consultation. A permit will be issued by them for the event ,and the Cheltenham Motor Club will then apply for the road closures.
The Chairman thanked Mr Wheeler for attending.
[The Meeting was closed to public participation.] [Cllr Preston left the meeting.] 42.3 The draft Publication Scheme was tabled for Members. The Clerk will do further work on this and send to Members.
42.4 The Chairman reported that the Remembrance Sunday commemorations went off very well, however the attendance was only half that of the previous year. Cllr Coates laid the wreath on behalf of the Council.
42.5 The Clerk no longer has access to a printer. It was therefore agreed to purchase a printer up to £100.
It was agreed to get a “Healthcheck” done on the laptop, at a cost of £50 approximately.
42.6 Website. This does need updating and upgrading (see above). It was suggested that Cllr Coates supply some information on the history of the Parish
42.7 There was discussion and it was agreed not to have hard copies of the Minutes for the public, as they can look at the website. Minutes over 5 years old are held at the archives, however there is a gap in the record, and it was agreed to approach the previous Clerk to see if she has copies.
43.1 It was agreed that meetings be held on the 4th Tuesday of the month in 2020, bimonthly, as follows:-
28th Jan, 24th March, 26th May, 28th July, 22nd September, 24th November
The Clerk will send the schedule to Members, and arrange for it to be put on the website.
43.2 There was discussion about the need for more Members, and a member of the public advised that he would be willing to serve on the Council.
The Chairman proposed and it was agreed to insert an additional agenda item to coopt a new Member.
44.1 It was proposed, seconded and
RESOLVED – that Mr Graham Warren be coopted to serve on the Council.
Cllr Warren signed the Declaration of Office and took his seat at the table.
44.1 To note:-
All emails from District Council, County, GRCC, GAPTC, Forest Health Forum forwarded to Members
Advertising material from various suppliers (Earth Anchors, Streetscape, RSN, B & C Shelters, Plantscape, Odin Events, Noticeboard Company, Kompan)
County regarding complaints about the motor rally on 7th September
44.2 For Action:-
Resident query re planning documents held by Council. The Resident wants to see any and all files held by the Council on her property. It was agreed to advise the Resident that planning documents are now accessed online, that the Council does not itself hold any documents, and that if she wished to see documents relating to her property at the District Council she should contact them for an appointment.
45.1 There has been a report of running water on the “top road”; the Chairman will check on this.
At 9.56 it was agreed to move into Confidential Session pursuant to s1 Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 for discussion of:-
• Planning and Enforcement Matters