Annual Parish Council Minutes 31st May 2017


Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting of the Parish Council
held in Bromsberrow Village Hall
on Wednesday 31st May 2017

Present: Councillors: D Morgan (Chairman) Y Fortey,  J Rann, J Stephens,  N Terry

Also Present Clerk to the Council: D Baldwin

1. Election of Chairman 2017-2018
Councillor D Morgan was nominated by Councillor J Rann, seconded by Councillor Y Fortey and duly elected for the office of Chairman. Councillor Morgan accepted the office of Chairman to the Parish Council. Vote: Unanimous

2. Apologies for absence – Apologies were received and accepted for Councillors D Hunter and E Wilson.

3. To receive Declarations of Interest.
Councillor Rann declared a personal interest to item 10 on the agenda.

4. Vote of Thanks for the 2016-17 Chairman.
Councillor J Rann gave a vote of thanks to Councillor D Morgan for his hard work over the year.

5. Election of Vice Chairman for 2016-17

Councillor J Stephens nominated Councillor J Rann for the office of Vice Chairman, seconded by Councillor N Terry. Councillor Rann accepted the office of Vice Chairman to the Parish Council. Vote: Unanimous

6 Minutes
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 21st March 2017 were approved as a correct record of that meeting and signed by the Chairman.

7. Approval of the Cycle of Meetings for 2017-2018
The Cycle of Meetings for 2017-2018 was proposed as the third Tuesday in July, September, November 2017 and January, March, May 2018.
RESOLUTION: That the cycle of meetings be approved.

8. Emergency Plan
The Clerk reported that the next meeting of the working party needed to be re-scheduled due to the unavailability of some of the members.
RESOLUTION: That the meeting be re-scheduled to a mutually convenient date.

9. War Memorial
Councillor Stephens reported on the water damage currently affecting the War Memorial. Although he had investigated costs for remedial work, a solution was offered, with the aid of Councillor Rann, of applying a strong water proofing resin to the surface.
RESOLUTION: That Councillor Stephens and Rann carryout the work needed incurring cost of at a budget of up to £100.

10. Community Shop
With the large increase in rent the Village shop are currently looking at moving to another site. A parcel of land has been offered next to the water works on a 5 year rolling plan.
RESOLUTION: That this item be placed on the next agenda for an update on the situation.

11. Planning
Planning Decisions
No current decisions

12. Highways
12.1 Highway reports
Highways issues to report.
Potholes in Beach Lane, Bell Lane and Chapel Pitch.
It was noted that the newly planted hedge on the junction of Bell Lane with Beach Lane has the potential to become a visibility problem for motorists. Councillor Fortey offered to approach he land owner to discuss a possible solution.

12.2 Speed Indicator Devices
The Clerk reported that the grant application to the Police Commissioners Fund was still being consider and had hoped for a positive response to bring to this meeting.

13. Financial Items
13.1 Annual Governance
Councillors considered the Annual Governance Statement.
RESOLUTION: That the Annual Governance Statement be approved and signed by the Chairman

13.2 Accounting Statements
Councillors considered the Annual Governance Statement.
RESOLUTION: That the Accounting Statement be approved and signed by the Chairman

13.3 Summary of receipts and payments
In the absence of Councillor Hunter no summary was available.

13.5 Invoices for Payment
The Clerk presented a list invoices for payment in the sum of £416.17 plus staff salaries for June.
RESOLUTION: That the invoices for payment be approved.

13.6 Work Place Pension
Although the Clerk does not qualify for the new work place pension the Parish Council still need to comply by registering and informing the WPD of any changes. In view of this PATA, the Councils payroll agents have offer to complete all necessary forms for a fee of £10.
RESOLUTION: That PATA act as the agents for the Parish Council to complete all the necessary work place pension forms at a cost of £10 in order for the Parish Council to be compliant.

14. Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Village Shop
Defibrillator signs
Grant for speed devices
Bromsberrow Quarry

15. Date of next meeting.
The next meeting is currently scheduled for 18th July 2017.

Meeting Closed at 9.15 pm