Annual Parish Meeting 23rd May 2016


Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting
held in the Bromsberrow Village Hall
at 7.00pm on Monday 23rd May 2016

Present: Councillors
D Morgan Chairman, Y Fortey, D Hunter, J Rann, J Stephens, N Terry, E Wilson

Also Present: Councillor W- Windsor Clive  County Councillor
D Baldwin Clerk to the Council

1. Apologies -: All Parish Councillors were present

2. Chairman’s Report
Councillor Doug Morgan presented his report on the activities of the Parish Council during the year 2015-2016 with some of the main points being:
The retirement of Councillor Glynn Watson from the Parish Council leaving a Council of six members. The recent co-option of a new member bringing the Council up to full strength.
The holding of an awareness training course on the Parish defibrillators.
The meeting with AMEY highways to discuss highways issues within the Parish and the application for a match find grant to install speeding devices in Beech Lane.
The successful application of the Transparency Grant for the purchase of new IT equipment and the development of a Parish Council Website

3. District and County Councillors
Councillor Will Windsor Clive gave a verbal report to the meeting on the actions of Gloucestershire County Council. Council Tax had been increased for the first time in six years with more savings needed for the coming year. The suggested devolution of Gloucestershire with a directly elected mayor.

4. Estimates of Income and Expenditure for 2015-2016
The Responsible Financial Officer and the Clerk presented the budget for 2016-2017 as agreed at the meeting on the 21st January 2016. The precept was set at £5800 showing an increase from the previous year of 3.5%

5. Questions from the Public – There were no members of the public present.

Meeting Closed at 7.45pm.