Minutes 10th March 2015

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Bromsberrow Village Hall
on Tuesday 10th March 2015

Chairman G Watson
Councillors D Hunter D Morgan
J Rann J Stephens
N Terry

Also Present D Baldwin Clerk to the Council

1. Apologies for absence -: Apologies were received and accepted for Councillor E Wilson.

2. To receive Declarations of Interest.
No Declarations of Interest were received at this point in the meeting.

3. Public Participation
No members of the public present wish to speak.

4. Minutes
The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 13th January 2015 were confirmed and approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. Unanimous

5. Parish Defibrillators
Councillor Hunter reported to the council that one defibrillator had been fitted in the Telephone kiosk at the cross in Bromsberrow Heath and was active. The second would be fitted on the village school hall wall in Bromsberrow.
RESOLUTION: That a Parish meeting be called, to offer training to Parishioners, once cost effective training could be sourced.

6. Bus Shelter
Councillor Stephens reported that the pressuring washing of the Bus Shelter had been completed and was satisfied that a good job had been done. A vote of thanks as given to Councillor Stephens for his efforts in arranging this work.
RESOLUTUION: That the cleaning of the bus shelter be reviewed annually.

7. Parish Elections
The Clerk informed Councillors of the time table for Parish Election on 7th May 2015 and distributed the nomination papers to all Councillors who wished to stand. Councillor Morgan offered to take completed nomination papers to the returning officer on behalf of those Councillors standing.

8. Ancient Oak Tree
The Clerk reported that the Oak tree by the Lay-by on the A417 near to Junction 2 of the M50 did not have a Tree Preservation Order and the ownership of the land on which the ancient oak is standing belongs to the Highways Agency. She had sent a request for them to inspect the oak and had received confirmation that this request would be acted upon in due course.

9. Memorial Village Green
In view of the cost implications to construct a low level barrier around the Memorial Green Councillors decided to not proceed at this time and:
RESOLUTION: Keep a watching brief on the situation.

10. IT Equipment
The Clerk reported that she had received the new laptop and was very pleased with the equipment.

11. Planning
11.1 Planning Applications

1) Site Russell’s End Farm, Bromsberrow.
Description Proposed extension to existing refrigerated unit.
P0205/15/AG No Objections Unanimous

11.2 Planning Decisions from Forest of Dean District Council
There were no planning decisions received.

12. Highways

12.1 Councillors received a report on the parish walk with the Clerk, Councillor Morgan and Stephens, accompanied by an engineer from AMEY Gloucestershire. All outstanding Highways issues and problems had been logged, issued a reference number and would be addressed in due course.

12.2 Councillors considered the offer from AMEY Gloucestershire to yellow line mark the bus stop near the cross in Bromsberrow Heath.. With cars using the stop for long term parking means that bus or school coach is unable to pull in off the road. This is a danger to passengers as they then have to alight into the road. The lines will not be double yellow, so that parishioners are able to drop off school children or pull in quickly to post letters
RESOLUTION: That AMEY are instructed to carry out yellow line marking and with the words BUS STOP over the whole area of the pull in.

12.3 Highways Reports
Actions: Clerk to report: Ditches by the village school need clearing.
12.4 Speeding through Bromsberrow Heath
This item to be placed on the next agenda.

13 Financial Items

13.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments
Councillor Hunter presented a summary of the Receipts and Payments as of the 31st March 2015 showing a balance of £5638.64
RESOLUTION: That the summary be approved and signed by the Chairman.
13.2 Invoices for Payment
Councillor D Hunter presented a list of invoices for payment.
RESOLUTION: That the Parish Council approve the payment of invoices in the total of £253.70

13.3 Councillors were asked to consider increasing the Clerks number of working hours per week from 3 to 4.
RESOLUTION: The Parish Council approved the increase of working hours for the Clerk from 3 to 4 hours per week.

14. Correspondence
Councillors reviewed the list of correspondence received.
Allocation Plan Approved for Publication Forest of Dean District Council
Village Shop Newsletter March 2015
Welfare referral outcome Forest of Dean District Council
Resolution: That the list of correspondence be noted.

15 Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Internal Auditor

16. Date of the next meeting
The date of the next meeting was decided to be moved to the third Tuesday on May in order to accommodate the local elections and is therefore scheduled for the 19th May 2015.
Meeting closed at 9.27pm