Minutes 14th July 2015

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Bromsberrow Village Hall on Tuesday 14th July 2015

Chairman D Morgan
Councillors D Hunter J Rann
J Stephens N Terry
E Wilson

Also Present D Baldwin Clerk to the Council

1. Apologies for absence –: No Apologies were received.

2. To receive Declarations of Interest.
No Declarations of Interest were received at this point in the meeting.
3. Public Participation
No members of the public present.

4. Minutes
4.1 The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 19th May 2015 were confirmed and approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.
4.2 The minutes of the Annual Council Meeting held on the 19th May 2015 were confirmed and approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.
4.3 The minutes of the Extra Parish Council Planning Meeting held on the 16th June 2015 were confirmed and approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Parish Defibrillators
Councillors received a report that, with the aid of the Village Shop Committee, a Defibrillator awareness session has been organised for the 17th July 2015 at 10.30am in the village shop. The Mike Ellis Memorial Fund has arranged for a trainer to attend and it was suggested that flyers should be distributed around the Parish.
RESOLUTION: That the local postman be asked to distribute flyers and if unable to do so then Councillors apportion the flyers between themselves and deliver to households within the parish.
6. Telephone Box
Council noted that the telephone box at the cross in Bromsberrow Heath was in need of re-painting. Councillor Rann offered to obtain a quote for the work from the previous contractor. It was also suggested that signs to show that the defibrillator was installed internally should be placed on the door.
RESOLUTION: That a quote for the re-painting of the telephone box be obtained for presentation at the next meeting and that the clerk research signage for the defibrillator location.

7. Transparency Code
Councillors reviewed the new Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities.
RESOLUTION: That the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities be approved and adopted.

8. Village War Memorial
Councillors were asked to consider purchasing a pressure lance at a cost of £40 for use on the War Memorial.
RESOLUTION: That the pressure be purchased at a cost of £40.

9. Planning
9.1 Planning Applications

1) Site Yew Tree Bungalow, Bromsberrow Heath, Ledbury
Description Erection of a replacement domestic outbuilding.
P1010/15/FUL The Parish Council do not support this retrospective application due to the following reasons:
Close proximity of the applicants neighbour and the clear disregard for the planning approval, especially with regard to the difference in location being approximately 3,650mm closer to the boundary, thus blocking light and imposing on the neighbour. The Parish Council find the reason that the builder did not have access to the plans not a valid excuse as it gives question to how the builder constructed the footings in accordance with the plans, but in the wrong location. The offer to reduce the height by 300mm is derogatory. Unanimous

9.2 Planning Decisions from Forest of Dean District Council
There were no planning decisions received.

10. Highways
10.1 Highways Report
Clerk to report the following:
Pothole on the A417 by the layby.

10.2 Speed Devices
The Clerk presented quotations for speed indicator devices. Due to the costs it was suggested that further research needed to be done on funding sources and possible partnerships with other local Parish Councils.
RESOLUTION: The Clerk to continue to research options and funding sources.

11 Financial Items
11.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments
Councillor Hunter presented a summary of the Receipts and Payments as of the 6th July 2015 showing a balance of £10832.20
RESOLUTION: That the summary be approved and signed by the Chairman.
11.2 Subscriptions
Councillors were asked to consider the annual subscription for GAPTC
RESOLUTION: That the membership to GAPTC be continued and the subscription of £105.67 be paid.
11.3 Invoices for Payment
Councillor D Hunter presented a list of invoices for payment.
RESOLUTION: That the Parish Council approve the payment of invoices in the total of £1423.46

12. Parish Council Vacancy
The Clerk was instructed to notify the Monitoring officer that the vacancy on the Parish Council has so far not been filled after the election.

13. Correspondence
Councillors reviewed the list of correspondence received.
GAPTC Bulletin
Forest of Dean DC proposed shared services
Forest of Dean DC Residents views on waste services
GRCC’s In Touch project
RESOLUTION: That the list of correspondence be noted.

14 Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Speed Restriction Devices
Telephone Box

15. Date of the next meeting
The date of the next meeting is currently scheduled for the 8th September 2015.
Meeting closed at 9.15pm