Minutes 16th September 2014

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in Bromsberrow Village Hall
on Tuesday 16th September 2014

Chairman G Watson
Councillors J Rann D Hunter
D Morgan E Wilson
Also Present D Baldwin Clerk to the Council

1. Apologies for absence -: Apologies were received and accepted for Councillor N Terry.

2. To receive Declarations of Interest.
No Declarations of Interest were received at this point in the meeting.

3. Public Participation
No members of the public present wish to speak.

4. Minutes
The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 15th July 2014 were confirmed and approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. Unanimous

5. Co-Option
The Clerk informed the Council that one request to serve as a Parish Councillor had been received from Mr John Stephens. Councillor E Wilson proposed and Councillor D Hunter seconded that Mr John Stephens be co-opted onto Bromsberrow Parish Council and it was carried unanimously.
6. Parish Defibrillators
Councillor Hunter informed the council that the two defibrillators had been delivered. He also suggested that the site for the defibrillator in Bromsberrow would be more beneficial to be placed at the village school as it is more central to the village. He offered to make enquiries at the school. Councillor Rann offered to look into the installation of the defibrillators. The next stage will be organising a training session, which will be provided by Community Heartbeat. Councillor Hunter also presented a letter of application for a grant towards the costs from the Mike Ellis Memorial Fund. He also requested that the Parish Council consider making a donation towards the Community Heartbeat Program.
RESOLUTION: That a training session be organised in the village hall for all interested members of the parish and the grant application letter be approved.
It was further Resolved: That a donation of £200 for Community Heartbeat be approved

7. Recycling Banks
Councillors considered the provision, from Forest of Dean District Council, of two plastic bottle recycling banks. It was felt that this would be a beneficial service for the parish and should be accepted.
RESOLUTION: That the Parish Council accept the offer of two plastic bottle recycling banks if available. One bank to be placed at the village hall and the other at the village shop, once permission had been sought from the lands owner.

8. Dog Waste
Due the dog waste problem in Bromsberrow Heath and the village hall the Council considered purchasing and supplying free degradable dog waste bags for the Parish dog owners. This project has been successful in other parishes in helping to dramatically reduce the problem. The Clerk also investigated dog waste bins and collection, but it was decided to put this on hold until the effectiveness of the bags could be assessed.
RESOLUTION: That the Clerk be instructed to order 2000 degradable bags with the delegated authority for purchase costs up to £100.

9. WWI Commemorations
Councillor Hunter gave a report on the WWI commemorations held on Sunday 20th July. He reported that the Gloucester British Legion Standard Bearers had attended and that the service and the exhibition at the village school had been well received by all who had attended.
The Chairman of the Council gave a vote of thanks to Councillor Hunter and Mr John Stephens for all their hard work.

10. Communication
The Clerk reported that the cost to include a report from Bromsberrow Parish Council in the Five Parish Magazine would be about £20 per year. It was felt that this should be a summary of the meeting and Councillor contributions would be included. In order to bring this to the attention of the parish a notice be displayed on the notice board to encourage the parishioners to take up subscription of the magazine.
RESOLUTION: That the Parish Council place a summary of each Parish Council meeting in the five Parish Magazine.

11. Village Community Shop
Two members of the village shop committee addressed Council on the Community Shop Shares Project. The shares are purchased at £1 per share and are for support only and do not pay out dividends, but each shareholder will have a say in the running of the Community Shop.
Although this was felt to be a good idea it was decided that before the Parish Council consider purchasing shares to seek legal advice.
RESOLUTION: That this item be deferred to the next meeting in order for advice to be sought.

12. Gloucestershire Rural Community Council Village of the Year 2015.
The members of the Community Village Shop Committee reported that Bromsberrow had won the Growing Great Futures category in the Gloucestershire Rural Community Councils, Village of the Year 2014. The village Community Shop hosted the reception for the judges and was instrumental in organising the presentation to the GRCC.
The Parish Council Chairman gave thanks on behalf of the Parish Council for all their hard work and effort and felt it was a fitting testimonial to the increasing community spirit of the Village.

13. IT Equipment
The Clerk requested that the Parish Council consider the purchase of Laptop and Microsoft Office software for the use of the Parish Clerk to carry out Parish Council business.
RESOLUTION: That three quotations be sought for presentation at the next meeting.

14. Planning

14.1 Planning Applications
There were no planning applications for consideration.
14.2 Planning Decisions from Forest of Dean District Council
Planning Permissions granted: The Homestead and Springfield.

15. Highways

15.1 Highways Reports
Actions: Clerk to report: Faded road markings at the end of Beech lane at its junction with the A417.
15.2 Speeding through Bromsberrow Heath
The Clerk reported that her investigation into the possible use of Speed reducing picket gates in Bromsberrow Heath would be expensive and in the opinion of the Highways Department not very effective. Their advice was to ask for Police assistant to enforce the 30mph speed limit
RESOLUTION: That the Clerk be instructed to request the assistance of Gloucestershire Police in enforcing the 30pmh speed limit through Bromsberrow Heath

16. Correspondence
Councillors reviewed the list of correspondence received.
Forest Signpost, Shale Gas, Rural Services Newsletters, Citizens Advice Bureau AGM, FOD Great Oaks Hospice.
Resolution: That the list of correspondence be noted.

17 Financial Items

17.1 Summary of Receipts and Payments
Councillor Hunter presented a summary of the Receipts and Payments as of the 30th August 2014 showing a balance of £11449.70
RESOLUTION: That the summary be approved and signed by the Chairman.
17.2 Invoices for Payment
Councillor D Hunter presented a list of invoices for payment.
RESOLUTION: That the Parish Council approve the payment of invoices in the total of £4558.64

18 Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Parish Defibrillators
Speed Limit enforcement
IT Equipment.
Dog Waste bags
Recycling Banks
Village Shop Shares
Bus Shelter

19. Date of the next meeting
The date of the next meeting is currently scheduled for the 11th November 2014.
Meeting closed at 9.45pm