Minutes 17th January 2017


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held in Bromsberrow Village Hall
on Tuesday 17th January 2017

Chairman: D Morgan
Councillors: Y Fortey D Hunter, J Stephens, E Wilson
Also Present: D Baldwin: Clerk to the Council

1. Apologies for absence -: Apologies were received and accepted for Councillors J Rann and N Terry.

2. To receive Declarations of Interest.
No Declarations of Interest were received at this point in the meeting.

3. Public Participation
No members of the public present

4. Minutes
4.1 The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 15th November 2016 were confirmed and approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

4.2 The Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the 29th November 2016 were confirmed and approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Emergency Plan
Councillors considered the implementation of a Community Emergency Plan. After discussion is was felt that this would be beneficial to the Community. With this in mind it was decided to:
RESOLUTION: To invite Nicola McLean of Forest of Dean District Council to give a presentation on Community Emergency Plan and invite representation from local community groups, such as the Community Shop, School and Church to attend.

6. Planning
6.1 Planning Applications

Site Southleigh, Dyke House Lane, Bromsberrow Heath.
Description Erection of a cabin for use as an annex accommodation.
P1734/16/FUL The Parish Council support this application.

6.2 Bromsberrow Sand Quarry
The Clerk reported that a date for the meeting at Bromsberrow Quarry was awaiting confirmation.

6.3 Planning Decisions from Forest of Dean District Council
Outline Planning Permissions
Land to the West of the Pumping Station.

7. Highways
7.1 Highways Report
Items to be reported: Large Pothole by the layby on the A417 near Junction 2 of the M50.

7.2 Councillors were informed of the meeting arranged for Friday 20th January in the village shop at 2pm with Rhodri Grey head of Gloucestershire Highways.
Items to be raised at this meeting:
HGV Sign Woodend Street
Grant for Speed indicator devices and gates
Junction of Beach Lane and A417: slow signs.
Dyke House Lane layby: Damage caused by HGVs turning.
Junction 2 of M50, White Lines
Direction signs at the end of Woodend Street.

8. Financial Items
8.1 Budget 2017/18
Councillors further considered the budget for 20176/18 and set the precept at £6100.

8.2 Councillors considered changing the Parish Councils bank account to ensure signature compliance. Councillor Hunter proposed to change to Barclays.
RESOLUTION: The Parish Council change bank accounts from Santander to Barclays Bank.

8.3 Summary of Receipts and Payments
Councillors reviewed the summary of the Receipts and Payments as of the 6th July 2016 showing a balance of £9180.01.
RESOLUTION: That the summary be approved and signed by the Chairman.

8.5 Invoices for Payment
Councillors considered the list of invoices for payment.
RESOLUTION: That the Parish Council approve the payment of invoices in the total of £788.37

9. Correspondence
Gloucestershire County Councils: Water Course Maintenance
Gloucestershire Local Access Forum, walking your dog in the countryside.

10. Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Speed Indicator Devices grant application.

11. Date of the next meeting
The date of the next meeting is currently scheduled for the 21st March 2017.

Meeting closed at 9.20pm