Minutes 23rd May 2016 Annual Council Meeting


Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting of the Parish Council
held in Bromsberrow Village Hall
on Tuesday 23rd May 2016

Present: Councillors
D Morgan Chairman
Y Fortey, D Hunter, J Rann,  J Stephens,N Terry,  E Wilson

Also Present Clerk to the Council D Baldwin

1. Election of Chairman 2016-2017
Councillor D Morgan was nominated by Councillor J Rann, seconded by Councillor D Hunter and duly elected for the office of Chairman. Councillor Morgan accepted the office of Chairman to the Parish Council. Vote: Unanimous

2. Apologies for absence – All Councillors were present.

3. To receive Declarations of Interest.
There were no declarations of interest at this point in the meeting.

4. Vote of Thanks for the 2015-16 Chairman.
Councillor J Rann gave a vote of thanks to Councillor D Morgan for his hard work over the year.

5. Election of Vice Chairman for 2016-17
Councillor D Morgan nominated Councillor J Rann for the office of Vice Chairman, seconded by Councillor E Wilson. Councillor Rann accepted the office of Vice Chairman to the Parish Council. Vote: Unanimous

6 Minutes
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 15th March 2016 were approved as a correct record of that meeting and signed by the Chairman.

7. Approval of the Cycle of Meetings for 2016-2017
The Cycle of Meetings for 2016-2017 was proposed as the third Tuesday in July, September, November 2016 and January, March, May 2017.
RESOLUTION: That the cycle of meetings be approved.

8. Website
The Clerk reported that the new Parish Council website was now up and running and she would be taking over the administration on completion of the training.
RESOLUTION: That the public be informed of the new website by including in the newsletter and on the noticeboard.

9. Pig Unit
The Parish Council received information that the pig unit would be moving from its current site to a field across the lane. Therefore the issues with mud on the road would continue this winter.
RESOLUTION: To keep a watching brief on the situation and continue to report to Gloucester Highways.

10. Planning
10.1 Councillors received information on the possible breach of licence at Bromsberrow Sand Pit by bringing in compost to store on site. The Clerk had reported this to Gloucester County Council, who had carried out a site visit. They confirmed that quantities of compost product were being imported onto site as a soil conditioner. With this in mind the operator had been invited to make a formal submission to the County Council, who act as the Minerals Planning Authority. The Parish Council were invited to submit any comments or further questions.
RESOLUTION: That the Clerk and Councillor Hunter compose a letter for submission and to copy into the Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water.

10.2 Planning Decisions
PO988/15/FUL Russells End Farm, Bromsberrow Heath. Full permission.

11. Highways
11.1 Highway reports
Highways issues to report.
Potholes in Beach Lane

11.2 Community Grant

Councillors considered the quote for the picket gates at the speed limit signs on Beach lane in order to finalise         details for applying for the Gloucestershire Community Grant for speed indicator devices in Bromsberrow Heath. The four gates needed would consist of 1x 1.5m width and 3x960mm width at a cost of £1678.90. The total cost including the speed indicator devices would be £4603.90, which equates to £2301.95 match fund from the Community Grant.
RESOLUTION: That the quote for Gates £1678.90 from Glasdon be approved for inclusion in the application of the Gloucestershire Community Grant.

12. Financial Items
12.1 Internal Auditor
Councillor J Rann declared an interest for this item on the agenda. It was proposed and agreed that last year’s Auditor be engaged to carry out the Internal Audit.

12.2 Parish Council Insurance
Councillor Hunter reported that the Parish Council insurance from Zurich would be £480 as part of a three year contract.

12.3 Annual Governance Statement.
Councillors considered the Annual Governance Statement.
RESOLUTION: That the Annual Governance Statement be approved and signed by the Chairman.

12.4 Summary of receipts and payments
Councillor Hunter presented a summary of the Receipts and Payments as of the 6th May 2016 showing a balance of £13379.84.
RESOLUTION: That the Summary be approved.

12.5 Invoices for Payment
Councillor Hunter presented a list invoices for payment in the sum of £607.82
RESOLUTION: That the invoices for payment be approved.

13. Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Community Grant Application
Telephone Box

14. Date of next meeting.
The next meeting is currently scheduled for 19th July 2016.

Meeting Closed at 9.15 pm