Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting 19th May 2015

Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting of the Parish Council held in Bromsberrow Village Hall on Tuesday 19th May 2015

Present: Councillors
D Morgan G Watson
D Hunter J Rann
J Stephens E Wilson

Also Present Clerk to the Council D Baldwin

1. Election of Chairman 2015-2016
Both Councillor D Morgan and Councillor J Rann were proposed and seconded for the office of Chairman. After a vote Councillor Morgan was declared and accepted the office of Chairman to the Parish Council.

2. To consider the acceptance of apologies for absence from Councillors – Councillor N Terry.

3. To receive Declarations of Interest.
There were no declarations of interest at this point in the meeting.

4. Vote of Thanks for the 2014-15 Chairman.
Councillor D Morgan gave a vote of thanks to Councillor G Watson for his hard work over the previous four years. His contribution to the Parish Council had been immeasurable and he would be very much missed.

5. Election of Vice Chairman for 2014-15
Councillor D Morgan nominated Councillor J Rann for the office of Vice Chairman, seconded by Councillor E Wilson. Councillor Rann accepted the office of Vice Chairman to the Parish Council. Vote: Unanimous

6 Minutes
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on the 10th March 2015 were approved as a correct record of that meeting and signed by the Chairman.

7 Co-Option
With Councillor G Watson deciding not to stand for the Parish Council and the uncontested election a vacancy exists. Due to the recent election the Parish Council are able to co-opt straight away if within 35 days of the election. If no one comes forward the within that tie scale the monitoring officer will need to be notified.

8. Approval of the Cycle of Meetings for 2015-2016
The Cycle of Meetings for 2015-2016 was proposed as the second Tuesday in July, September, November 2015 and January, March, May 2016.
RESOLUTION: That the cycle of meetings be approved.

9. Parish Defibrillators
Councillor Hunter reported that both Defibrillators had been installed and the ambulance service informed. The Mike Ellis Memorial Fund had offered to give a training session for the parish. After discussion it was decided that the village shop would be the ideal venue to hold the training session.

RESOLUTION: Clerk to enquire if the Village Shop would agree to the use of their facilities to hold an awareness session at a mutually convenient date.

Councillors were asked to consider the invitation for Parish Council Representation to serve on the executive committee of GAPTC. After discussion, no councillor were able to commit to becoming a GAPCT committee member.

11. Planning
11.1 Planning Applications
a) Site Bromsberrow Pumping Station, Bromsberrow Heath.
Description Erection of UV Kiosk
P0416/15/FUL No objections
11.2 Councillors received a report on the breach of Planning for P0761/14/FUL and that the matter was being investigated by the enforcement officer from Forest of Dean District Council. The Parish Council would be notified of his findings.

11.3 Councillors received a report on the possible breach of planning use for the Barn at Bromsberrow. The enforcement officer was investigating and would report his findings the Parish Council.

11.4 Planning Decisions
The Grain Store, Aubrey’s Farm. Application withdrawn.

12. Highways
12.1 Highway reports
Highways issues to report.
High vegetation obscuring view at the exit onto the A417 from Woodlands Caravan Park.

12.2 Councillors re-considered the implementation of speed awareness devices in the Bromsberrow Heath. The Clerk was instructed to look into a collaboration between other local parish councils and also to request a police mobile unit.

12.3 Councillors considered that engagement of a grass cutting contractor and felt that as the current contractor did an excellent job and offered good value then it would be beneficial to continue with his appointment.
RESOLUTION: That the current Grass Cutting Contractor be re-appointed.

13. Financial Items
13.1 Internal Auditor
It was noted that the independent internal auditor was Mrs N Sterling.

13.2 Parish Council Insurance
Councillor Hunter reported that the Parish Council insurance was due on the 16th August and was £960 last year.
RESOLUTION: That the Responsible Financial Officer investigate obtaining quotes for alternative insurance companies.

13.3 Financial Arrangements
Councillors were asked to approve and adopt the financial arrangements.
RESOLUTION: That the Financial Arrangements be approved and adopted .

13.4 Annual Governance Statement.
Councillors were asked to consider the Annual Governance Statement.
RESOLUTION: That the Annual Governance Statement be approved and signed by the Chairman.

13.5 Summary of receipts and payments
Councillor Hunter presented a summary of the Receipts and Payments as of the 19th May 2015 showing a balance of £11,097.58.
RESOLUTION: That the Summary be approved.
13.6 Invoices for Payment
Councillor Hunter presented a list invoices for payment in the sum of £579.66
RESOLUTION: That the invoices for payment be approved.

14 Matters to be raised for the next meeting
Future Projects
Speed indicators/ gateways

15 Date of next meeting.
The next meeting is currently scheduled for 14th July 2015.

Meeting Closed at 9.00 pm