Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 13th May 2014

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in the Bromsberrow Village Hall at 7.00pm on Tuesday 13th May 2014

Present: Councillors
D Morgan Chairman
G Watson
D Hunter
J Rann

Also Present Clerk to the Council D Baldwin
2 Members of the Public

1. Apologies -: Councillor E Wilson

2 Chairman’s Report
Councillor Doug Morgan presented his report on the activities of the Parish Council during the year 2013-2014 with the main points as follows:

The Parish Council continues to move forward and with the help of the Clerk policies and procedures have been put into place.
The Parish Council were able to reduce the precept by 3.4%
The purchase of a new solid wood Community notice board sited at the Village Hall
Repairs to the War Memorial.
The successful bid for a new litterbin in the Lay-by on the A417.
The donation was given to the Church to help towards the cost of new gates.
A grant was awarded to the Community Shop for an art project involving the village school.

3 District and County Councillors
The District and County Councillor failed to respond to the invitation to attend this meeting.

4 Estimates of Income and Expenditure for 2014-2015
The Responsible Financial Officer and the Clerk presented the budget for 2015-2016 as agreed at the meeting on the 13th January 2015. The precept was set at £5600 showing no increase for this year.

5. Questions from the Public – There were no questions from the members of the public present.

Meeting Closed at 7.15pm.